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Monday, May 7, 2012

openvpn or iptables or routing problem

Hi Guys

I am at standstill, something smaal and stupid, but my brain has received SIGTERM signal (kill -9 I think :) )

I have a Centos 6.2 firewall. It runs Openvpn and Iptables.

The ADSL line has a static IP, that is how I connect all client sites to it, simple :)

SO I have setup everything (iptables and openvpn)

All seems to work, my one site office connects in, TUN interface gets created on client server (site server) and I can ping the TUN interface from the clients site to the head office site. This is proof the VPN tunnel is up.

I can also ping from the client site server, an internal ip on the server side network !!!

i.e I am on clientA side, on the Linux server, I innitiate the openvpn client.cnf command, tunnel comes up 100%, I then ping the head office tun if 100% (confirming vpn is up), BUT, I even ping the terminal server on the LAN network !! Proofing even more all is working 100%

So what is my question then ?

If I connect from my LAN network ( clientA ) I can not ping the tun interface on server side, nor the terminal server on the server side network ??

Surely routes and firewall rules must be correct if I can ping from the clientA side linux server itself, but not from the LAN network behind the clientA linux server ??

Maybe masquerade rules missing ( should not masquerade all traffic )

Please help !

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