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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kmix woes

First off, I'm using KDE 4.8.3 in Arch Linux. I am having a hell of a time getting my headphones (Logitech Comfort Clearchat USB) to work in KDE. They work just fine in Windows and Cinnamon so I know that they're in working order. In KDE however... Well I set them as prefered device in Phonon. So, as long as I have them plugged in, Amarok would output to my headphones. However nothing else did. I did mess around with the audio settings in umplayer and now it will output to my headphones, but nothing I did to VLC would and Firefox simply refuses to output to anything other than my speakers. I'm not even sure where to begin trying to get Firefox to cooperate. I installed Pulseaudio to see if it would make a difference but it hasn't.

I haven't messed with my audio since this morning, all I did was install and look around pavucontrol, though nothing I did in there helped. I gave up for now, a few hours passed, and now suddenly things have changed without me doing a thing. Now when I put my headphones in sound will simply become very quite, but will still be output through my speakers. I can't even hear things in Amarok, whether I've got my headphones plugged in or not.

Now every time I open up Phonon, sometimes even Amarok I get the message "KDE detected that one or more of these internal devices were removed." It then asks me if I want KDE to forget about them. Sometimes it only lists "Output:HDA Intel, ALC888 Analog (Default audio device)", sometimes it lists that plus "Built-in Audio Analog Stereo".

Anyone have any ideas? I'm at my wit's end here.

Edit: Well I set Built-in Audio Analog Stereo above RV770 HDMI Audio in Phonon, so how I can hear sounds from Amarok and Umplayer again, so when I plug my headphones in audio output is directed to them. Unfortunately I still can't get Firefox or VLC to do the same. I'm not as concerned about VLC, what I'm really wanting to play nice is Firefox. Also, when I use my keyboard volume control keys to control the volume while my headphones are in, I see the volume slider in kmix and the graphical bubble that pops up move, but the volume actually stays the same. It works just fine when I don't have my headphones plugged in though.

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