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Monday, May 7, 2012

automount weired issue.

I have a weired problem with automount in Solaris10.

I have 2 production servers both having NFS shares.

On Server A I have share from another solaris server name sadbox1(which is a CNAME. Original name is ncu-up-prod-1

Automount like below

sandbox1:/dev2 499G 190M 468G 1% /net/sandbox1/dev2


My issues is I have created another veritas share on sandbox1:/dev3 and when I try to access the share from Server A am getting "/net/sandbox1/dev3: No such file or directory". But instead of CNAME (sandbox1) if I use the name ncu-up-prod-1 like /net/ncu-up-prod-1/dev3 I can access.

I have restarted automout daemon and restarted NSCD also on both the servers but no luck.

Can you please provide a solution.



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