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Monday, April 30, 2012

External Storage Device for New iPad

Hello Ranchers ,

I have purchased new iPad (16 GB Wi-Fi ) a month ago.

Once I got addicted to this , I realized that I wanted more than 64 GB (max iPad limit ) data storage for my collection of music/photos/movies on iPad.

When I searched for external storage device for iPad, I came to know about GoFlex Satellite storage ( across many forums .

I also found some reviews at :

But, I have more faith with Java Ranch ranchers than the reviews in above links, as ranchers advice on apple or for that case any tech products is almost never wrong (specially Bear) .

So, my question is that has anyone used this GoFlex as additional storage for iPad . If yes , can you please share the reviews .

Also, if there is some better option other than GoFlex for storage of data, which can be used as storage/cloud specifically for iPad , please let me know.

Any other pointers on storage device for iPad will be highly appreciated .

Thanks in advance,


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